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  • welcome to Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
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    How We Can Help


      Information related for business setup and operation in Shenzhen is available on the Invest Shenzhen website

      Business Operation Consulting

      Our team is available to provide advice and business consultancy to foreigners and foreign businesses for:

      Shenzhen's latest industry planning and favorable policies

      Corporate registration and enrolment procedures

      Information on business operation costs in Shenzhen

      Arrangement of on-site visit and setup meetings with relevant organizations

      Company Registration Consultancy

      Our team is available to provide the following company registration support services:

      Information on commercial service suppliers, such as accountants, lawyers and real estate agencies

      Business operation site selection consultancy

      Assistance in contacting other appropriate governmental departments for administrative verification and approvals

      Living in Shenzhen consultancy services:




      Culture and entertainment

      Follow-up Services for Enterprises

      Our team provides the following support services to businesses that have already

      started perations in Shenzhen:

      Provide networking opportunities between industries

      Organizing FAQ sessions to answer general questions for existing enterprises

      Publication of up-to-date industry policies on a regular basis



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