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    Vitality is Great


      Shenzhen is a window for China’s Opening up and a new city for migrants. With a large amount of talents gathering here, Shenzhen is vigorous. A well-known slogan in Shenzhen goes like this—Once you’ve come, you’re a Shenzhener. Shenzhen’s unique demographic structure makes it a dynamic market with many talents gathering here together, which forms its open, inclusive and innovative personalities. Here in Shenzhen, people can enjoy different cultures and exchange different ideas. Innovations, creative ideas and inventions emerge in an endless stream, making Shenzhen a city for global makers.

      〇Wins the title of Global Model for the Promotion of Reading by UNESCO

      〇Has more than 1.55 million registered volunteers, being called the City of Volunteers

      〇Wins the title of National Harmonious Community Construction Demonstration City

      〇Wins the title of the 5th National Civilized City

      〇Has 95% of residents migrating from other cities

      〇The median age of the public is only 33 years old

      〇The number of Shenzhen’s working-age population accounts for more than 90% of the total population


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