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    Nature is Great


      Located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer and between tropical and subtropical areas, Shenzhen is a beautiful city with warm and pleasant climate. With a coastline of around 260 km, the coastal scenery is magnificent, and the natural environment is picturesque. Apart from having great ecological environment, Shenzhen attaches great importance to the development philosophy of Green and Low Carbon. With green and low carbon as its new personalities, Shenzhen encourages better economic development that consumes less resources and energy.

      〇Elected as one of UNEP' s Global 500 Roll of Honour, and China’s first International Garden City

      〇Has one of the eight best coastlines in China

      〇One of the 31 Places to Go listed by The New York Times

      〇Shenzhen comes in 2nd in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2019

      〇One of the Top 3 Most Popular cities in Mainland China with foreign talents by International Talent

      〇At present, there are 942 parks in Shenzhen, and the green coverage ratio of the built-up areas exceeds 45%.

      〇Energy consumption and water consumption per USD 1,493 (RMB 10,000) GDP are at the lowest level among cities in Mainland China

      〇Ranks top in terms of air quality in Mainland China

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