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    Economy is Great


      Shenzhen is the most “market-oriented” city and the first special economic zone in Mainland China. The market economy is fully developed and perfected. The market environment is fair and the enterprises are fully respected. In 2018, Shenzhen's GDP exceeded USD 358.2 billion (RMB 2.4 trillion), making it one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It has transformed itself from a small fishing village into one of the most developed cities in China.

      There are seven Fortune Global 500 companies that established in Shenzhen, namely Ping An, Huawei, China Merchants Bank, Amer, Vanke, Tencent and Evergrand. Shenzhen is not only a world-class entrepreneur homeland, but also a cradle of startups.

      〇One of the Most Successful SEZ among 4,300 SEZs in the world by the Economist

      〇One of the first batch of the Broadband China demonstration cities and pilot cities for information benefits

      〇the 20thof the GFCI Global Financial City and the 3rd among those listed in Mainland China

      〇 In terms of economic competitiveness, Shenzhen ranks the 5thin Global Competitiveness Report 2018-2019

      〇GDP exceeds USD 358.2 billion (RMB 2.4 trillion) in 2018, ranking top 5 in Asian cities

      〇Shenzhen is home to seven Fortune Global 500 companies (Tencent, Huawei, China Merchants Bank, Amer International Group, Vanke, Ping An Insurance and Evergrand Group)

      〇Over 280 of the Fortune Global 500 companies have invested in Shenzhen

      〇The total volume of 3.05 million commercial entities in Shenzhen rank the 1st in China in terms of the volume and density


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