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    Innovation is Great


      Innovation is in the blood of Shenzhen. As the first national demonstration city for innovation in China, Shenzhen is accelerating the pace of developing itself into an international technology and industrial innovation center. Its industries such as electronic information, Internet, biology and new energy are in the leading position. A lot of high-tech companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, BYD Auto, BGI Group, DJI, Kuang-Chi and Royole established their headquarters here. It is true to call Shenzhen A city of Innovation.

      〇Ranks top again in the Top 30 Most Innovative Chinese Cities 2018 released by Forbes China

      〇The Economist calls Shenzhen the Silicon Delta

      〇Ranks top again in China Top Ten Innovative Cities by China Institute of City Competitiveness

      〇Wins the title of one of the Best Cities for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China

      〇In the Global Innovation Index 2018 Report jointly released by the World Intellectual Property Organization and other organizations, Shenzhen-Hong Kong region ranks the second in terms of the global innovation cluster

      〇Social R&D investment exceeds USD 14.9 billion (RMB 100 billion), accounting for 4.16% of GDP

      〇Files the most PCT international patent applications in China

      〇Number of state-level high-tech enterprises ranks the 2nd across China

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